Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy Holiday Season

But I didn’t get you anything, so instead you can share in the links that I check every day for entertainment, interest, news and blogging.


Woot.com I’m not American, but I’m always interested to see what’s going on and this site shows some really interesting deals.
eeeuser.com I love my Eee PC, this site is a fairly good source for eee news, though it’s been a bit quiet of late.
Catch Of The Day Ok so it’s mostly crappy demtel marketing crap, but occasionally there’s something really good on there.
Mobile Tech Mobile device news, a good site for info.
Google Reader All my feeds are pointed piped into google reader now.
Stack Overflow The actual link points to all the tagged items I am interested in on stack overflow.  A great site for asking and answering questions.
Giveaway Of The Day Licensed software free for download for a day.  I’ve found a couple of cool tools here that I liked, no risk installations and easy removal if they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
Info Synch Mobile device tech news.
New Scientist Always a good read on here, I subscribe to the RSS feed now instead of visiting the site.


Aussie Nintendo I love my Wii, this is the best source of local news for Nintendo in  Australia.
Wii Fanboy International news on the Wii… argh I’m a fanboy!
Zero Punctuation If you’ve never seen these, they will make you cry.


XKCD Should be familiar to most geeks out there
Sinfest Been following this one for years, it’s fantastic.
Us the Robots The Author is pretty  slow at producing these but they’re really funny and very smart.
Dilbert Duh

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