Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Spark View Engine in ASP.Net MVC

I ran across something today, the Spark view engine.  I’ve never used another view engine before so running through a few tutorials was very interesting.  It appears to be far more appropriate (at a first glance) for ASP.NET MVC than the Web Forms view engine.  Here is a fantastic video on how to integrate it with ASP.NET MVC.

I guess before I ever considered using the Spark view engine I’d have to answer the following questions:

1. How well supported is it,

2. How many developers are fluent enough with it to develop code with it.

3. Can intellisense work with it correctly in visual studio

4. Can it work with ASP.NET MVC Areas

If it scores well in all these areas it is definitely something I’m going to consider for future projects.  If I find out the answers to the above, I’ll post them here.


Anonymous said...


Do you have any updates yet?


Odd said...


Sorry I'm afraid I never got the chance to follow up on my research. If you do find out answers to my questions I'd love to hear them.