Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Review of Blogsy

I've never used Blogsy before, but now that I have my iPad I thought I'd give blogging through it a go. What better way to see how useful it is than to write a review for my blog using nothing but the tool itself.

The Keyboard

So this review doesn't just cover Blogsy, but the process of using the iPad to blog online. I have very large hands and often find it hard to type on small keyboards. I'm using the iPad on screen keyboard to write this blog, and although I'm making lots of mistakes, its actually quite good.

The biggest drawback I think is going to be around the fact that you can't rest your fingers on the keyboard. Over time this will definitely make my hands hurt, in fact I'm only a small way through and my wrists can already feel a little bit of strain. I do intend on getting a wireless keyboard for this thing at some point though if I do end up using it more, however iPad haters will probably have something to say about that.

Made for the Tech Savvy

This program, Blogsy, is clearly made for the tech savvy. The blog is written in markup instead of some GUI based editor and it's a breeze to use, even without a mouse. There are helpful buttons to enter in some basic markup commands, headings lists alignments, quotes etc.

Additional Content

It would be a pretty boring blog post if there wasn't some image or video content somewhere in there. The right hand side of Blogsy includes links to popular applications. These let you place media or links easily into your blog post from various locations.

My Turtles

This photo is of my two Aussie Eastern Long Neck Turtles when I first got them. Aren't they cute!? Content from Picasa, Flickr, You Tube and more can be placed as well as copying data directly from Safari. It's a great feature. My favourite part of the feature is that you can upload content from your own local photo album to your content provider. I really can't fault this feature. It is simple and it works well. Drop box support would be nice, but not necessary for me as I don't store media there.


Sure I might not write much code any more, but I still imagine that posting code will be important to me.

int main (int args[])
int i = 0;

Clearly from this it is not going to be practical to post about code using Blogsy. Honestly even writing code on an iPad is just cumbersome, so I suppose even if it did have a code feature I wouldn't use it.

Anything Else?

Not really. Features are small and simple but this app has pretty much everything you need to make simple blog posts on the go. For only a few bucks I'd highly recommend it.

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