Thursday, 10 January 2008

Borland Reporting Tools

I have developed a lot of code in Borland tools and I've got to say that I'm dissappointed with the reporting tools available for the environment. I suppose I'm too much of an optomist to have expected too much from Borland (now Code Gear) but the environments they provide always show so much potential to be great (but more often end up falling far short of the mark). In our upgrade to BDS2006 some time ago we lost the ability to use Quick Reports. Rave reports was the solution provided now, though why I'm not sure. Rave Reports offers nothing new and opens up a number of holes every time you take a step tempting you to fall in. I'm a C++ developer at heart, but if you decide that Rave is for you then you're going to be hamstrung. Specifically database components will not work due to compilation issues and an inability to find object files. I'm sure with a few days work and searching around for help I may have found a solution, but I think that software development is at a stage that if it doesn't work out of the box then it isn't worth the effort. For anyone who happens to google this post due to the same error, turn back. If you have another option that I would highly recommend it over rave. Specifically why not try writing a web interface reporting engine using Perl, Ruby, PHP or even Java and plug that into your BDS app using a web page interface component as I have now done. The error is:
No DataLink drivers have been loaded. Use the DataLinkADO.RDV driver for the Rave server/IDE or include the unit RvDLADO for applications.
Not a particularly helpful error message, though at first glance it looks like you might be able to solve it. I had no such luck and I recommend you don't bother.

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