Saturday, 12 January 2008

Running Ubuntu

Well I thought I'd finally give Ubuntu a shot. Good idea, I had a spare drive to install it on and figured I could set it up without impacting on my Windows setup. I'm afraid of Vista, haven't heard anything good about it yet and when I do get a new laptop i would like to have the option of something other than Microsoft's DRMware. Anyway, I found a distribution on my ISP's freezone and downloaded it at ridiculous speed. Extracted the ISO onto a CD and here I am. 2 hours is what it took me to install. Would have been one hour except that Ubuntu seems to have trouble reading the DNS servers from my router. I had to set them manually. If anyone loads Linux only to find they can ping but can't browse in Firefox, go to your router's home page (usually or similar) and copy the DNS servers into the network settings of Ubuntu. I have to admit if I had no computer knowledge then I would NOT have ANY IDEA what I just said. But hey, everyone has a child somewhere in the neighborhood that can help them out right? So far so good.

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